Employee recruiting and onboarding template

Monday.com is an incredible project management platform with different packages, even a FREE option great for those starting out or solopreneurs!

This recruitment and onboarding template is one I love when creating employee onboarding systems for clients. Read more from Monday.com below and click here to get the template!

"What are the benefits of using this template?

Optimize the recruitment process Allow hiring managers to easily manage talent acquisition with an intuitive applicant tracking system that displays updated statuses for all candidates. Automate the onboarding process Help employees feel welcome with a training checklist so they know exactly who to meet and which onboarding sessions to attend their first 2 weeks on the job. Centralize new employee information Automatically record all relevant contact information for new recruits in an employee directory for HR professionals to reference throughout the year.

Why we love this template? Recruiting and maintaining good candidates is hard enough, so we made a template to make it a little easier. With our intuitive recruitment and onboarding template, you can plan your talent acquisition campaigns from start to finish in one, centralized workflow. Keep track of each applicant’s previous employment history, candidate experience, job application, cover letter, and where they stand at any time in the recruiting process. Hiring managers and applicants alike can also stay up-to-date on the latest version of any file and have the ability to instantly share documents, images, annotations, and feedback to streamline communication with everyone involved. With our applicant tracking templates, all the necessary information for each applicant and new joiner is stored neatly in a monday.com board so you and your entire team can easily access all the information you need in one, visually-appealing place. Once applicants accept their offer and become team members, streamline the onboarding process and introduce them to your company culture easily. Visualize your data however you see fit, from high-level dashboards to Gantt charts and colorful timelines so you’re confident making data-driven decisions every time, and know you’re hiring the right people for every open position. Your entire human resources and hiring team will rejoice about how easy it is to sync with all team members and how pleasant the onboarding experience is with our customizable templates."

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